Next Generation
Autonomous Trucking

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Self-driving heavy trucks

At Moove, we design the most advanced SAE Level 4 autonomous trucks. Our technologies provide unprecedented levels of safety and reliability, enabling us to partner with the world's leading players in retail commerce.

Safety is our absolute priority

Every several minutes a person is killed or seriously injured in an accident caused by manned vehicles.
More than 20 000 people are killed on European roads every year.
With help of advanced autonomous truck driving we aim to make freight traffic as safe as possible, saving lives and preventing damages to goods and infrastructure.

Moove Freight Network (MFN)

We created MFN to deliver goods from A to B in the most reliable, cheap and safe way. We build and use special hubs in highways, setting new standards in how trucks will move freight.

How it works

5 km
Carrier’s truck with a driver comes to Moove's hub A
Moove’s autonomous truck couples to the Carrier’s trailer
Autonomous mode
690 km
Moove’s truck goes to hub B in autonomous mode
Autonomous mode
Upon arrival at hub B, trailer uncouples from Moove’s self-driving truck and couples to Carrier’s truck.
Autonomous mode
5 km
Carrier’s truck with a driver goes to final destination

Our advantages

safety-first driving
99.5% reliability
delivery on time
low-cost pricing
10% less fuel consumption
fastest A-to-B moving
carbon footprint offset